Manchester United – Leeds United

Ullevaal Stadium, Wednesday, July 12 at 5 PM


Be ringside as two of Britain’s iconic football clubs for the first-time clash on Norwegian soil.

There are matches, but only one Supporters Match

Supporters Match is the day when you can sit ringside and experience the finest of European top football on Norwegian soil. This summer we are proud to present two legendary football clubs. Both Manchester United and Leeds have their biggest supporter clubs abroad in Norway. That will surely guarantee an enthusiastic football grandstand. We arrange everything to ensure memorable experiences both before kickoff and during the game. Behind the event stands Scandsports – delivering unique sports events in Norway and the Nordics.

Safety comes first

For us, it is important that you feel safe where you are seated with thousands of other supporters. Therefore, we will conduct body searches. It is also important that you remain seated in your assigned seat during the match and not on stairs or entrance areas. Read more about the other safety rules here.

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