Stadium regulations

We are pleased to have you as our guest and welcome you to Lerkendal Stadium. In order for the event to be conducted in a manner that ensures everyone's safety and the best possible experience, we kindly ask you to be mindful of the following:

As a guest, you are obligated to accept Norwegian law, stadium regulations, FIFA regulations, UEFA safety and event regulations, and comply with the instructions and directives given by the organizers.

A valid access pass/ticket is required and must be presented upon request. The ticket does not entitle you to use other seats or to stay in other stands/sections.

Standing in stands designated as seating areas during the match is prohibited.

No one should linger in stairwells, entrance areas, emergency exits, etc. No form of climbing over fences, barriers, etc. is allowed.

Everyone must accept that if necessary, the organizer will conduct personal searches, and opposing this will result in denial of entry to the stadium.

The following items are prohibited from being brought into the stadium:
Knives, weapons, or items deemed by the organizer to pose a security risk. Fireworks Smoke canisters Glass or metal bottles Alcohol or other drugs Professional photographic equipment Video cameras/audio recording devices Animals (except for guide dogs) Banners, flags, etc. with commercial, religious, pornographic, political, or racist messages. Laser pointers, etc. Camera/mobile phone tripods (selfie sticks) Violent or aggressive behavior, as well as the use of derogatory language, may result in ejection from the venue. It is forbidden to: Enter the playing field Throw objects at others or onto the playing field Display racist attitudes Smoking is prohibited in the stadium It is not allowed to bring in or use balaclavas or similar full-face coverings. The use of SLR cameras is prohibited. The organizer is not responsible for accidents, injuries, or losses that may occur during the event. The organizer is not responsible for any delays or changes in the event schedule and bears no liability if this causes consequences for third parties. Ticket costs will not be refunded if the event is interrupted. Intoxicated individuals will be removed from the stadium area. Selling or distributing items/goods/leaflets, etc., in the stadium area without the organizer's written consent is prohibited. The stadium area is under video surveillance. Mobile phones can only be used for personal and private use. Reselling pictures taken with a mobile phone is prohibited. Collecting and/or transmitting and/or producing and/or distributing information or data regarding match development, results, events, behavior, or any other aspects of the match, as well as any form of audio, video, or audiovisual recording from the match (either by electronic devices or otherwise), for use in any form of gaming, gambling, or commercial activities not authorized in advance by the club and the league, or for use for other purposes in violation of these terms and conditions, is strictly prohibited in the stadium. Mobile phones can only be used for personal, private use. Visitors may be denied access to or removed from the stadium for breaches of these terms. Ticket resale in the stadium area is prohibited. Persons who have entered stands reserved for specific supporter groups without being a member of the relevant group will be moved to other stands or removed from the arena for security reasons. Everyone must at all times follow the instructions and messages given by the organizer, stewards, or police. The organizer reserves the right to remove/deny access to the stadium area for those who violate the above regulations. Additional sanctions may apply. Rosenborg's hosts, crew, and hired security enforce the stadium regulations.