Stadium regulations

It doesn’t take much to have a pleasant stay at Ullevaal Stadium. We kindly ask you to respect our regulations, so that both you and the people next to you can have a good time.

Rules that must be followed at the stadium

As a guest, you are obligated to accept Norwegian law, the stadium’s regulations, FIFA’s regulations, UEFA’s safety and event provisions, as well as comply with any instructions the organizer gives.

A valid admission ticket is required and must be presented on demand. The ticket indicates the seat to which you are entitled. The ticket does not allow you to use other seats.

Standing on a stand intended for seating is strictly prohibited during the game. No one may stay in stairs, entrance areas, escape routes, etc., and no form of breach/climbing of fences, barriers, etc. is allowed.

Everyone must accept that the organizer, if necessary, conducts personal inspections, and resisting this will result in you not being allowed access to the stadium.

The following items are strictly prohibited from bringing into the stadium area:

  • Knives, weapons or items that can be used as such, or that the organizer considers to be a security risk

  • Fireworks, pyrotechnics and/or smoke boxes
  • Bottles of glass or plastic
  • Alcohol or other drugs
  • Video cameras
  • Animals (except guide dogs)
  • Banners, flags etc. with commercial, religious, pornographic, political or racist messages
  • Laser pens etc.
  • Whistles or other sound effects that can affect the course of the game
  • Balcony flags – flag fabric can be brought without accompanying pole
  • Bags larger than 30 liters must be left at the ticket window for storage
Ullevaal Stadium does not take responsibility for the storage of items that cannot be brought into the stadium. Strollers and walkers cannot be brought into the stadium due to lack of storage space. Violent, uncontrolled or aggressive behavior, as well as the use of derogatory language, is prohibited and will result in removal from the arena.

It is strictly prohibited to:

  • Enter the playing field
  • Throw things at others or onto the playing field
  • Show racist attitudes
  • Express negativity about ethnicity, religion, belief, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability
  • Smoking outside the areas where this is allowed
  • Resell tickets on the stadium grounds

The organizer is not responsible to the public in connection with accidents, injuries or losses that may occur during the event. The organizer is not responsible for any delays or changes in the time of the event and is not liable if this causes third-party consequences.

The ticket price is not refunded if the event is interrupted.

Intoxicated people are expelled from the stadium area.

It is not allowed to sell or give out free effects/goods/leaflets etc. in the stadium area without the organizer’s written consent.

The stadium area is video monitored. Mobile phones can only be used for personal and private use.

People who have entered stands set aside for specific supporter groups, without being a member of the respective group, will be moved to other stands or removed from the arena for safety reasons.

Everyone must at all times follow the instructions and messages given by the organizer, guards or police. The organizer reserves the right to expel or deny access to the stadium area for those who violate the provisions stated above. Additional sanctions may apply.